Laura Lombardi Jewelry

Laura Lombardi‘s beautiful jewelry pieces are a complete rarity for a number of reasons.

Laura Lombardi Stacked Rectangle Necklace

#1: Like I said, they’re beautiful. And I mean like every single piece. Her collections aren’t the kind of thing where you pick and choose a few pieces that you like, but try to forget about the rest. Instead, it’s hard to choose just one favorite (or 5 or 10 for that matter). Some of the necklaces and earrings are simple and sleek, while others drape several layers of intricate metal. There is not set formula to them and that’s one of things about them.

#2: She uses almost entirely repurposed or vintage materials in order to make every piece, but you’d never know it. They look just as high end as anything hand-crafted from brand new metals. In her own words: “Sourcing components that spark my interest is the first part of my process….┬áMy inclination in both art and design has always been to start with objects that are already in existence and present them in a new context.”

#3: They’re affordable! Hold the presses everyone. You can actually purchase these and not break the bank, even in this economy. You could – if you shop just right – purchase 3 completely different pieces and not even break $100 total. And your friends won’t know the difference. You’ll own several amazingly unique pieces of jewelry that no one else you know will have and you’ll probably garner tons of attention for them. And you can still afford your rent!

The world is a crazy place people. So crazy, that not everyone knows about Laura’s designs yet. Well congratulations, now you know. Check out a few of my favorite pieces (with prices and links to buy) below!

Stacked Rectangle Necklace, $70

Laura Lombardi Stacked Rectangle Necklace

Gunmetal and Pink Dagger Necklace, $60

Triangle Necklace, $30

Vintage Brass Post Earrings, $22

Vintage Brass Post Earrings

Copper Tube and Fringe Necklace, $155

Copper Tube and Fringe Necklace

White Howlite Earrings, $36

White Howlite Earrings

Framework Necklace, $75

Framework Necklace

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  1. Honey Wong Says:

    It all looks very earthy and rugged, in a good way:)

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